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TU Varna Presentation

This is my first 3D animated video project. In 2012 I had to create a project for my bachelor work in Technical University of Varna where I’ve graduated engineering design. The idea my mentor and I came up with was about creating CG animated video to present faculties and specialties of TU Varna.
The project was challenging and it had to be realized in 6 months but I was very excited because I wanted to create something beutiful, memorable and fun to watch. So I started by building the concept. First of all I divided the project in 3 parts: introduction, faculties presentation and conclusion. Introduction was about brief texts saying that in TU Varna there are 24 specialties in 6 faculties. In the second part of the video presentation I wanted to create a short sequences showing images containing elements best defining all the different faculties of TU Varna. Basic themes for this part ware navigation, shipbuilding, design, computing, electronics, electrical engineering, machine elements. This part was very challenging and large.  Every 3D model was build from scratch, shaded, rigged and animated. The biggest challenge of all was rigging and animating the 3D engine model. I struggled almost a month with the engine scene but at the end I managed to made it work. For conclusion of the video presentation I created a 3D version of TU Varna’s logo to wrap last images of the secont part.
The approach I took with the camera animation was with tought of creating a fluid transitions between all different elemnts in order to make a smooth motion making the video looks seamless and complete. The feeling of the video I toned up with puting sounds and music that gives the video emotional tone.