Siemens ARCADIS Varic C-arm 3D model details

Medical Animation

This is a project I made for AO Research Institute Davos. The project was born out of collaboration between Technical University Varna and AO Research Institute Davos. I was doing my masters degree in TU Varna and when it came time to create my masterwork I had opportunity to go in Davos, Switzerland.
Team in ARI Davos have developed new and unique implant positioning system to help surgeons when operating patients. My job was to create a 3D video presentation explaining how this technology works and what are the benefits of implementing this technology in surgeon’s workflow. I had four months to for this project and I’m proud to say achieved great success.
First of all I built full 3D CG models of all object which are necessary for the actual system to work. After I was done with the modeling process I made some rigs that helped me later to animate the objects so they would move as in real life. I created one main controller where I put every parameter I needed to animate so it was easier for selecting and animating rather than going through every single object and setting keys for the parameter. Fun part was using dynamics. I did some hoses with constrains and then by animating the objects, hoses ware connected to the moving parts and Maya dynamics worked just as I needed to. Finnaly I created textures, lighting and shaders. Despite of all animation and dynamics I created some particle animation to reveal one of the objects because it looked more interesting. Also one of the elements I fractured in 3D and animated destruction to create more appealing look.
After all the rendering was completed I composed all rendering sequences and put some color adjustments so it looked better. In adition to the 3D elements I did some motion graphics in After Effects for better explanation. The final step of the process was adding some sound effects and music.
Due to our agreement I cannot show the full video but here is a short version of the video related to the work I did.